FreebieIT started in 2013 as a small firm offering IT services. All founders of FreebieIT are seasoned IT generalist who found the services offers by most of the Service providers to be costly and not agile to meet with today businesses. We founded FreebieIT to offer more cost effective solutions in a timely manner. We don’t charge you for the same problem over and over or charge extra on complicated/escalated issues, so we offer all of our services at one fixed hourly price!

We took over tens of clients' IT department helping them to receive more tailored solution while saving the IT cost dramatically. We are proud of helping new startups to get off the ground in a short time by planning their IT strategy from A to Z and ironing out the IT obstacles from business strategy.


FreebieIT provides comprehensive IT solutions which includes
Office 365 deployment and management Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, OneDrive, .....

Cloud computing for Cloud first and hybrid scenrios Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, VPS

Hosted Email & Email archiving Hosted Exchnage, Compliance Archiving, Anti-Spam

Cyber Security & Defence Managed Antivirus, Firewall, Users training, Security Audit

Network and Server management Windows Servers, Linux Servers, Switches, Firewall, WiFi

Service Desk and Support Remote & On-site support

Vendor management Expert Advise, Best Price

Data Back-up and Recovery Encrypted Back-up, Offsite & Georeduntant Back-up, Data Recovery

Programing and custom tools Developing custom software and tools to ease up business process

Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO is a cost effective solution that provides with executive level IT perspective. FreebieIT helps you to draft and manage your overall IT strategy and tailor it to your business needs and budget. Some of the tasks fits V-CIO job description include

Policies and Procedure Businesses function more efficient with proper procedure and policy in place which can include on/off boarding procedure, Email Policy, Security Policy

BCP/DRP Businesses need some backup plans when something out of their control happens. Written and approved BCP/DRP document can minimize the downtown for businesses

Strategic IT consulting Making sure your IT strategy is aligned with your Business strategy

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